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Air Conditioner Coils

Air Conditioner Coils Are you searching for a facility that can design, engineer and manufacture high quality air conditioner coils? American Coils creates severe duty and extended life coils in response to the most demanding and critical systems. If you’re uncertain who to trust for your custom application, bring your business to the industry leaders- American Coil.

The experts from American Coil engineer and manufacture custom designed air conditioner coils that will endure harsh elements and perform through caustic forces, overbuilt extra tough with the strongest materials possible. Extended life coils are completely encased with a protective coating shell to ensure that they survive the most demanding and extreme conditions imaginable.

If you are looking for air conditioner coils to replace those that have failed due to environmental factors, you’ll appreciate American Coil’s ability to custom manufacture heavy duty coils to operate in acidic water, regions of salty air or areas with the continuous presence of hazardous chemicals.

American Coil continues to be committed to manufacturing extended life air conditioner coils and other coils for a diverse range of industries that include Aerospace and private jet manufacture, Blue-chip names in OEM/HVAC, Computer data room cooling manufacturing, hospitals, Oil & Natural Gas industry, heavy manufacturing facilities, Leading US air curtain manufacturing, and more.

If you have questions or are uncertain about the specs of your application, contact the highly experienced professionals from American Coil by calling 888-947-2427 and they’ll help you find the solution to whatever problem you may be facing, efficiently designed with your job in mind.

Heavy duty air conditioner coils from American Coil are double coated with AmeriCoat, their signature American Coil technology that isolates the machinery from every external corrosive force imaginable while securing a high performance level, no matter what the conditions of the environment.

Are you looking for a few more reasons to do business with American Coil?

- Free delivery from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday via their company truck to any customer and/or job site within a 1-hour drive of their facility in Gardena, California.

- AmeriCoat, American Coil’s exclusive anti-corrosion coating product that is better than any spray-on coating since it is a full-immersion dip and bake process.

- No Chinese sourced tube or fin materials, since the defect rate is so much higher with cheaper suppliers. American Coil would never take a chance with your products!

- Doing business with a real manufacturer versus a reseller of some other company’s products makes all the difference in the results you’ll achieve with your custom application.

- American Coil uses only high grade/high silver content brazing rod, ensuring that every brazed joint is stronger and more durable.

From custom standard to heavy duty application air conditioner coils, you’ll find the pros from American Coil can help you obtain exactly what you have in mind at a very competitive price. Feel free to stop by the website at American-Coil.com or make a call to 888-947-2427 with any questions. Air Conditioner Coils

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