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Article provided by: TARLOW DESIGN

Industrial Design

Industrial Design


Design is to make something for a specific purpose. In other words, it is where function meets form. Hence, Industrial design is the practice of designing products for industrial purpose.

For most of history, people made whatever they needed or found someone to make it for them, and their creations were generally unique.

Generalized standardization was used in the design of some products, but in recent times, due to the rapid improvement of technology and manufacturing capabilities, has led to a significant and radical shift in the mass production of similar products with unique designs.

When you walk into a store, say a grocery store, to get sliced onions to dress or stuff a chicken, which do you go for? The ringed ones. The design here is the ringed shape of the onions, and the purpose is to stuff or dress a grilled chicken.

The Apple logo, as well as the Coca-Cola bottle, is a masterpiece of industrial design. Their distinct design is hard to miss or forge.


Whether we care to admit it, industrial design is all around us

Industrial Design is the foundation of our society. It is what attracts us to a product. In medieval times, humans tried to lead comfortable lives by making various tools for everyday tasks, including laborious work like farming. Times have changed, the society is evolving so is the need for lots of products that make life easier. The birth of industrial design was as a result of the growth of industrialization and technology.

At Tarlow Design, ideas are brought to life through industrial design. We carry out product feasibility study and product success test that helps determine

If the consumer product can be made with current technology,

The strengths and potential weaknesses of the product idea. Etc.

Our goal is to solve problems towards improving the quality of life. This drives us to innovate and build business success. Without the existence of industrial design, we would be living in a terrible environment. Try to imagine if there were no mobile phones, laptops, power banks, chargers, refrigerators, buses etc.

We at Tarlow Design are actively and creatively involved in transforming problems into opportunities and the creation of products that meet human needs. The appearance of a product, as well as its functionality, technicality, usability, and value, are what we focus on.

Summarily, Industrial design supports and shapes everyday activities. The mobile phone in your hands, the street lights on the road, the toaster in your kitchen, the chair you are sitting on and so on. The consistent introduction of new technologies presents an opportunity to evaluate, redesign and improve products. Using design in business improves performance, efficiencies, and value of your product, it also reduces cost and risks in your business. Due to the competitive market, a better industrial design sells more.

If you are ready to turn your idea into a great product, please contact Ken Tarlow and Tarlow Design at 415 726 1354.

Or email Ken Tarlow at ken@tarlowdesign.com

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