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Tir Optics Manufacturing Company

Tir Optics Manufacturing Company

When we think of an LED optic, we imagine a clear plastic lens that is found on top of the LED itself to spread the light. Hence, Optics permit you to govern your illumination pattern, either diffusing it or focusing it as your application requires. With the advancement, the usage of led optics has become more up-to-date to solve difficulties and to design and build devices that make light a useful element. Therefore comprehensive resources and experience by expertise are required to meet the needs. Hence in this regard, AOS being the best TIR optics manufacturing company provides complete design, development, and manufacturing services for the creation of custom optical parts and systems.

We provide the best results by maintaining high quality and consistency during the entire design, development, and manufacturing process.

We provide LED lighting for various applications including Architectural, Medical, Aircraft, Automotive, Substrate Guided Components, Beam Shaping, and Homogenization. 

Overview Of LED Optical Design, Service, Development, And Manufacturer

We provide a complete range of optical design and manufacturing services. Our staff has extensive experience in optical design and provides incredible services, development, and manufacturing facilities. There is a wide collection of standard optics available to order. The huge product range includes specialized optics with ultra-wide, ultra-narrow, freeform, and asymmetric light distribution. Moreover in the range of LEDs, we gave small form factor arrays, cluster holders, linear strip and IP rated optics available. Furthermore, a variety of standard optics, reflectors, and suitable holders are available. The Quality and standards maintained by us make our optics the perfect option for product designs and custom arrays. We have various products of led optics.

Types Of Optics:

1) TIR optics for LED:

Our Total Internal Reflection' or TIR optics render an incredibly efficient method for accumulating LED light and generate narrow, medium, and wide spots. This is possible as the plastic to air interface is packed to 100% reflective. We got miraculous TIR optics that work best with LEDS and enjoy the emitter characteristic too. They can be used for both outdoor lighting and indoor applications as well. Moreover, our OPLLC0026 is another lens that is mainly used for LED Down allowing light to reach the proper direction and angle. You can also use our outstanding quality TIR lens for medium beam and TIR lens glass reflector.

2) Side Emitter:

To alter the Lambertian output of an LED into a closed ring of light side emitters are used.

3) Fibre Coupling:

Fibre Coupling extracts the light from an LED to direct it into a small spot, typically onto the edge of a fiber optic bunch. This allows the light to be conveyed within the fiber. Fibre Coupling optics comes under the TIR optic range.

4) Silicone:

Silicone being characteris for higher temperature and UV resistance than PC or PMMA, making it highly suitable to high-powered COBs LEDs.

We have dedicated and committed teams for every custom design development project. They work hard to ensure the entire process from beginning to end runs smoothly. So for an outclass solution, you can contact us for a LED optic specialist. Do not hesitate, reach us and view our product lines. Explore our custom optics: https://www.apollooptical.com/optical-and-mechanical-design/


Tir Optics Manufacturing Company
Apollo Optical Systems
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Tir Optics Manufacturing Company
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