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Article provided by: Tool Eye, Inc. – Touch Master

Cnc Tool Presetter

Cnc Tool Presetter

CNC machines are excellent when you need better accuracy. They are typical for mass productions that require specific components to deduce data from challenging and innovative processes and devices. Most CNC machines do not have an inbuilt measurement device; hence, one has to use the presetter. 

The main perk of the device is the ability to take measurements while offline, while the machine is making chips. The option makes it easy to detect problems in time and adjust for improved overall production. The best use of a CNC machine has to include little setup time of the CNC Tool Presetter

The external presetter has to be tightened in the tool holder for measurements to take on the CNC machine geometry. The current market has extreme versatilities of the devices. They may have slightly different setups, but the eventual results have equally accurate measurements. 

Tool Eye has two units from Mazak.

  • The LS05 has a squared-off mounting that fits all other new Mazaks. It is an upgrade from the Omron D5f2b34cy, which is also available at the store.
  • The SL04, which fits most machines, such as the Daewoo, Hyundai-Kia, Mazaks, and several others

What to look for from a CNC Tool Presetter


A conducive presetter should have a measuring accuracy of at least 5 microns. This requirement means that you will also have to check if the device has an optical measuring tool, which has a better focus than the physical contact device. The heightened accuracy will make a good fit for high tech industrial setups that check off at level 4.0.


Repeatability is necessary for measuring both accuracy and thermal stability. This engineering setup is particularly useful with presetters that have several types of materials at the base. The difference makes it easy for thermal expansion to be non-uniform. It will also indicate varying changes in temperature throughout the day. Repeated calibrations are required to have an accurate depiction of daily measurements.


Consider the size and weight of the tooling assembly before purchasing Tool Eye. The preparation will ensure that the machine can handle the maximum load, diameter, and height of the tool needed for measurement.


The best machine with the most significant capability can become strenuous to use when no one can figure out how to use it. It is, therefore, essential to examine the usability of the software so that you have an accurate understanding of the conversion rates.

Study the options and screens of the software. This step will help establish the necessary dimensions and the overall functionality of the machine.


A tool presetter is bound to have problems like all other devices or the machine in use. It would be inconvenient to require a new CNC Tool Presetter every time the previous one has a breakdown. 

Tool Eye gives its customers a lifetime guarantee with the option of a lifetime warranty. You can rebuild a faulty presetter instead of discarding it. We also employ constructions with heavy-duty engineering, which is vital in preventing accidental wrecks.


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Cnc Tool Presetter
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